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Having your case in pretty folders or stored on your computer isn't enough.  What does the data say? What are the critical relationships between the parties?  How do you separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff?  AdvocatesResources LLC uses CaseMap®, CrimeLink®  and Analyst's Notebook® to unlock the data that might be just out of sight or buried deep within the stacks of boxes that make up your case. 

Key Benefits
  • Software is state-of-the-art and litigation-specific 
  • You know your case because you manage and develop it yourself 
  • You know the case the other side is likely to present 

AdvocatesResources LLC works with your team to implement off-the-shelf software that fits your case.  For the unique case, special software will be called upon to root out the hidden data that otherwise would be missed, but which could win your case. 
  • We use CaseMap® to analyze and prepare and TimeMap® to display a relevant timeline because all cases involve a sequence the jury must understand in order to deliver a favorable verdict.   
  • CrimeLink®  and Analyst's Notebook® will find those hidden relationships between person, place and event.  For example, how John is related to Paul who's married to Fran who went to school with Larry who was Carl's ex-wife's accountant. 
  • CrimeLink®  and Analyst's Notebook® can process thousands of telephone calls to find who’s calling who the most . . . or the least.   
  • When we can work remotely, we do because that reduces your costs.
Paul and Mary Jones ran a marijuana dispensary from their residence at 1234 Sycamore Street. John Smith used a .357 pistol when he staged an armed robbery of the Jones’ dispensary. Smith stole $30K in cash, 4 rifles, 3 pistols and 2 shotguns. Smith pawned the 2 shotguns and the .44 magnum pistol at the Acme Pawn. He kept the .9mm pistol for himself and gave the .38 pistol to Larry “Jumpy” Marx for some crack “Jumpy” had sold him. The police investigated the robbery by checking pawn shops. They found the .44 pistol described by Paul Jones, seized it and found Smith’s fingerprint on the trigger. The police check the pawn ticket and found an address which turned out to be Smith’s Hideout. A search warrant was executed on the hideout where they found Smith, some meth, a cache of explosives and the and the 4 rifles. Smith was then arrested on 03/03/11.
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