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Fully indexed and searchable case files

AdvocatesResources LLC gets in the trenches with the team you assemble to help implement document auditing, collection, scanning and information retrieval.  We then assist in organization, preparation and presentation.

Key Benefits
  • Minimal outsourcing to third party vendors 
  • Effective document management 
  • Supplemental management with litigation-specific software 
The foundation of document management is simple - you need to manage the documents intrinsic to the case.  This is not an easy proposition. AdvocatesResources LLC uses Laserfiche®, an application capable of handling millions of pages, with an unparalleled search and image export capability (including .pdf and .tif), and template field management as documents are reviewed.  For those more comfortable with Acrobat®, counsel can organize your documents in an easy-to-understand hierarchy and create searchable CDs or DVDs for portability.

We use SmartDraw® to add a dimension that addresses a jury's desire to see what your case is about through effective exhibits.    

Straight-forward chronologies with TimeMap® will graphically present your case timeline to your jury. All cases hinge on a sequence of events over time.

If you have the daunting task of analyzing thousands of criminal prosecution telephone calls from .csv and .tsv data compilations, AdvocatesResources LLC can analyze the data with CrimeLink® and Analyst's Notebook® for distinct call patterns and frequencies toward the end of substantiating or refuting the prosecution’s assertions of complicity.

Key Benefits
  • We can make royalty-free, searchable CDs or DVDs of your document-rich case, even if you don't have the Laserfiche® application.  Everything in your case is where you are at the time - at home, on a flight, or hundreds of miles from your office.  
  • We create exhibits involving floor plans, event scenes, flow charts and other diagrams that conform to your case facts. 
  • We provide you with an understanding of your case, not just an overview by a third-party who doesn't actively participate. 
  • We have the tools to simplify your case.