What is this case about?  What about discovery in the future?  How can I get a handle on what I may need down the road?  How can I possibly convey this case to a jury in an understandable way?  AdvocatesResources LLC helps you answer these questions by defining your case and charting a path of effective management through and including trial.  
Key Benefits
  • Provides an objective outside viewpoint 
  • Develops your case with the experience of what "sells" and what doesn't 
  • Provides a clear direction for your case 

Managing the over 1,100 boxes of discovery in the defense of Oklahoma City Bombing co-conspirator Terry Nichols uncovered practical processes that adapt to both the single-defendant case on one end to the most complex multi-defendant conspiracy on the other end.  In other words . . . YOUR CASE.  This is what we do.
  • We analyze the initial discovery and establish a system of management that allows for an easy integration of supplemental discovery disclosures.   
  • We advise you on how to form an efficient and effective team making the best use of your existing staff that will work seamlessly toward a common goal.   
  • We evaluate and prepare the case for trial or other disposition.