AdvocatesResources LLC endeavors to streamline the complex case and transform the seemingly unmanageable representation to one you can easily handle.  This may include scanning, organization, exhibit design, compilation of trial notebooks and trial presentation as well as other discrete issues you can’t just carry in a three-ring binder. AdvocatesResources LLC will guide you on the front line and behind the scenes to help you meet the needs and goals your case presents.

When you are overwhelmed with boxes of paper, we tame it with LaserFiche®, a premier document-management application.  Then we triage the documents to isolate key documents that form the basis of your case.  From there, we assist in organization and presentation.
Finding what you need within thousands of pages of discovery is a daunting task.  While no one can eliminate the need to review documents, we can help you identify the key documents and facts and then collect them for analysis and determination of your case's strengths and weaknesses.  To find the elusive phrase or word we use the text searching strengths of Acrobat® and Laserfiche® and then CaseMap®, TimeMap®.
If there are too many documents to carry, we show you how to manage them - from the date the case comes in the office until a disposition is reached.  Each case has a different personality and it is incumbent you have a full understanding of what that personality is.