On searching
"And the searching capacity is great.  During the prelim, I couldn't locate a specific page and [name omitted] searched and quickly could give me the Bates number."
          Bridget K.
"By using Mr. Demarest's re-formatted discovery, we were abloe to economize our review of the discovery and save the Government substantial hours of legal or paralegal time culling through the mass of irrelevant (to our client) documents."
          Kevin M.
"The conversion by Mr. Demarest to a searchable format has been invaluable."
          Eric K.
"Being able to search over 40k [pages] of discovery is invaluable, and saves $ in the long run.  Thanks."
          Richard B.
On electronic discovery
"I've wanted to let you know how awesome the electronic discovery is in Jeffco.  I only need to send an email instead of calling which saves me time and you money.  Also, I don't have to pick up the discovery which again saves me time and you money.  I don't have to bill picking up the disco.  I also don't have to carry the discovery with me and I can access it from anywhere that I can access my email.  I also don't ever need to get a disk of disco before a trial because I know I have all the discovery.  All of this saves me time and you money.  Thought you would want to know. "
          Jenna R.
On results
"Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for all your hard work on *****. You were an invaluable member of the team. Yesterday we received a not guilty verdict on all counts."
          Jim C.
"Mr. Demarest's service has been indispensable to me."
          Phil D.
"His work allows me to gather the general case information against my client without having to sift through each and every document.  In large cases like this, it is extremely useful to be able to conduct key word searches.  These key word searches allow me to find and review the discovery that is relevant to my client's case.  If I was not able to conduct key word searches, I would be forced to print and review each and every page of discovery; this would be a waste of time and resources."
          Miller L.
On the case
"I'm very satisfied with his prompt attention to detail and the way it integrates with DTSearch."
          Paula R.
"Thanks-- thank you for everything.  Everything."
          Judy L.