It's showtime!  The jury wants to see and hear the case, and what you want them to hear, understand and accept is YOUR case.  You'll need to choreograph it in a way that allows the juror to adopt your theory of the case as theirs. We can help. AdvocatesResources LLC is skilled in the methods needed to present your case to the jury.

Key Benefits
  • We convey your point in an understandable way 
  • We adapt the presentation to simplify your case . . . even when it's complex 
  • You will have the full attention of your jury  . . . they will want to see what comes next
Complex cases will always be that way, but it doesn't mean you can't simplify management, analysis and presentation.  Even the largest of cases boil down to a few key documents, and presenting those documents and what they say is what AdvocatesResources LLC can do for you. We use TrialDirector® or Sanction to present your case.
  • We prepare your exhibits like a roadmap . . . a starting point and a destination with a well-defined and outlined path the jury can follow. 
  • We help rehearse you so the jury sees you as the master of your case. 
  • We'll have that "un-needed" material ready . . . in case it is needed - which we know can happen.